Mastic Worry Beads (Komboloi)


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This beautiful,one of a kind set of worry beads,is made of Mastic.
Weight: 156 grams

About Mastic
Mastic is a mixture of amber and bakelite.

Usually, it comes from places like Egypt, Turkey, Persia and Syria.

The vintage sets of mastic worry beads are priceless, dating back to 1940-1950.

In later years, the way they are being constructed,has changed drastically.

The name comes from the Arabic word “MISTECA”, which means “mastic”,because when the beads are being warmed,their smell reminds of the mastic’s.

About Worrybeads
A full set of Greek worry beads is called Komboloi (meaning prayer).

Their uses include: relaxation, enjoyment, and generally passing the time,or as an amulet to guard against bad luck.

They are also used by people who wish to limit smoking.
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